Can Vitiligo Start at Any Age | What Causes Vitiligo
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Can Vitiligo Start at Any Age | How to Prevent Vitiligo

Can Vitiligo Start At Any Age

Can Vitiligo Start at Any Age | How to Prevent Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a long-term condition where the skin starts losing its pigment and gets converted into pale white color which appears in different parts of the body. The hair on the skin and inner parts of the mouth and nose also convert into pale white color. Firstly, the patches begin on the outer part of the skin that is exposed to sunlight. But the real question is “Can Vitiligo Start at Any Age”. So, to know this continue reading this blog…..

Vitiligo generally starts without any notice. As Vitiligo starts with a slight depigmentation over the skin gradually develops into a white patch. One can rarely notice any Vitiligo Symptoms in its initial phase. Some cases have slight itching before the appearance of a vitiligo spot.

But with the passage of time, it’s Symptoms are visible. Initially, the discoloration appears on sun-exposed areas, such as the hands, arms, face, feet, and lips.

There is no complete cure for vitiligo found to date. But there are some treatment options, such as surgeries and therapies, available for controlling its symptoms. Moreover, some Top Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies in India, have also marketed some products, to reduce its inflammation and to control its symptoms.

Based on the personal experience of some people, making some lifestyle and dietary changes can also be beneficial for some Vitiligo patients. Now let’s move to the next topic of this blog i.e., What Causes Vitiligo, its symptoms, and Can Vitiligo Start at Any Age………


What Causes Vitiligo?

Vitiligo occurs when pigment-producing cells called melanocytes, die or stop producing melanin — the pigment that gives your skin, hair, and eyes color. This results in the involved patches of skin become lighter or white.

It’s unclear exactly what causes these pigment cells to die. Though, many researchers say that it may be related to:

  • A disorder of the immune system (an autoimmune condition)
  • Family history (heredity)
  • A trigger event, such as stress, severe sunburn, or skin trauma, such as contact with a chemical


Vitiligo Symptoms

Vitiligo signs and symptoms include:

  • Patchy loss of skin color, which usually first appears on the hands, face, and areas around body openings and the genitals
  • Premature whitening or greying of the hair on your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, or beard
  • Loss of color in the tissues that line the inside of your mouth and nose (mucous membranes)


Many people have this question “Can Vitiligo Appear Overnight”. The answer to this is there is no way to tell if vitiligo will spread. For some people, the white patches do not spread. But frequently the white patches will spread to other areas of the body. For some people, vitiligo spreads slowly, over many years.

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Can Vitiligo Start at Any Age?

Vitiligo can start at any age, but it usually appears before age 30.

Depending on the type of vitiligo you have, it may affect:

  • Nearly all skin surfaces – With this type, called universal vitiligo, the discoloration affects nearly all skin surfaces.
  • Many parts of your body – With this most common type, called generalized vitiligo, the discolored patches often progress similarly on corresponding body parts (symmetrically).
  • Only one side or part of your body – This type, called segmental vitiligo, tends to occur at a younger age, progress for a year or two, then stop.
  • One of only a few areas of your body – This type is called localized (focal) vitiligo.
  • The face and hands – With this type, called acrofacial vitiligo, the affected skin is on the face and hands, and around body openings, such as the eyes, nose, and ears.


It’s difficult to predict how Does Vitiligo Spread or how the disease will progress. Sometimes the patches stop forming without treatment. In most cases, pigment loss spreads and eventually involves most of your skin. Occasionally, the skin gets its color back.


How to Prevent Vitiligo?

Most of the people have this question in their mind: How Can Vitiligo be Cured?

How Can Vitiligo Be Controlled and Vitiligo Treatments depend completely on your age, how much skin vitiligo affects, and where? And how quickly the disease is progressing, and how it’s affecting your life.

The doctor might suggest you first try changing the appearance of your skin by applying a self-tanning product or makeup. Moreover, some Vitiligo Best Cream in India, such as Melacyn, (marketed by Aldan Healthcare) can also be used to reduce inflammation caused by vitiligo and helps to control its symptoms.

Apart from that, surgeries and light-based therapies also help restore skin color or even out skin tone, though results vary and are unpredictable. And some treatments have serious side effects. Even if treatment is successful for a while, the results may not last or new patches may appear

There are some of the light and surgical treatment available for the treatment of vitiligo:

  • Light Therapy
  • Removing the Remaining Colors (Depigmentation)
  • Skin Grafting
  • Blister Grafting
  • Cellular Suspension Transplant


These above-mentioned surgical treatments are not effective for everyone, as everyone has different skin and the condition of vitiligo differs from person to person.

In addition to that, there is a possible risk of skin cancer, redness, swelling, and itching, associated with the people who go for these treatments.

As a result, many people restrict themselves from getting these external treatments and trust MelacynVitiligo Treatment Cream in India.


Melacyn | Vitiligo Treatment Cream in India

Because of instant results and no side-effects, this product is the Best Treatment for Vitiligo. Melacyn, Best Vitiligo Treatment Cream is manufactured from the extracts of Nigella Sativa, a medicinal plant having immense therapeutic properties.

Nigella Sativa is famous for its wide range of pharmacological effects. This includes immune-stimulatory, anti-inflammatory, Hypoglycemic, antioxidant, and anticancer effects.

Moreover, the seed and oil of Nigella Sativa are were frequent in ancient remedies in Asian countries as well as in the Middle East.

Note: This product is available in both Gel Cream and tablet form at a very affordable price.


Key Benefits:

  • It is a Natural Plant-based skincare formula with Nigella Sativa Extract
  • Helps in the treatment of Vitiligo which causes white patches on the skin
  • It helps to fight melanocyte deconstruction
  • It protects keratinocyte from damage and shows repigmentation
  • Helps to modulate immunity in regard to both non-specific cellular and humoral immune response


Directions for Use:

For Gel Cream: Apply a thin layer to the affected area twice a day.

For tablet: 1 tablet once a day or as directed by the physician.

So, use this Best Cream for Vitiligo in India, to get control over your vitiligo inflammation. You can also use this for Leucoderma treatment as Leucoderma Cream.

We hope that you have now got the answer to “Can Vitiligo Start at Any Age”. Here, we will put an end to this blog.

If you have any queries, then feel free to connect with us through the comment section box below.

Till then, stay tuned…………

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