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Derma Pharmaceutical Company India
About Company

We are dedicated to the Discovery, Development & Commercialization of innovative therapies intended to significantly improve outcomes in patients suffering from major global medical conditions.


We plan to market innovations pan India by year 2020 to serve the ever growing healthcare demands

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver health & improved lifestyle to mankind through our plethora of unique and exclusive formulations and to emerge as one of the leading pharmaceutical organizations in India.


Our aim is to provide healthcare with care, with a focus on improving patient care and meeting the needs of the medical fraternity.

Reach us
Derma Pharmaceutical Company India
Our Presence
  • Corporate Headquarters in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai.
  • Product manufacturing locations in Northern India i.e., Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh
  • Marketing network in Western and Eastern India
  • API marketing reach in Europe, UK, South America and entire Indian subcontinent
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Our Business

Aldan’s market presence covers drug formulations, nutrition products, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Aldan has been witnessing an amazing growth primarily in Europe in the API segment, where it has partnered with renowned pharmaceutical corporations as supplier partners.

For its domestic branded formulations business, it has developed markets in Western India, and is rapidly growing in Eastern India, and plans for a pan-Indian presence by 2020

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High Results
Aiming to be the best, Aldan Care is currently the best integrated Gynae & Derma pharmaceutical company in India. This denotes complete involvement in each & every step of production. We have currently the best and most effective innovation in the market for issues associated with gynaecology & dermatology.
Happy Clients

Aldan domestic team comprises a network of around 75-100 field personnel catering to more than 15000 doctors, chemists, and stockiest together.

Innovative marketing strategies has been evolved which provide all its stakeholders with a cutting edge in the highly competitive Indian market.

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dermatology pharmaceutical companies in india
We have the best
We are a highly motivated team, all with very individual qualities and experience, and a high standard of patient care.

We have advanced high levels of training and decades of experience and we constantly strive to provide the best treatment available using the most up to date tried and tested technology.

Diversification Model

We do follow a model in which large no. of drugs are marketed to smaller niche markets. The advantages of this diversification model is that its success is not dependent on sales of a small no. of drugs.

However, the model not always work, but works only for small markets where distribution costs are low.

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Incorporated in 2014, with an idea to serve the well-being of the new age woman


Plans to market innovations Pan-India by 2020 to serve the ever growing health needs


Aiming to be recognized as a speciality-focused healthcare organization globally

5+ Years Of Experience in Pharmaceutical industry

We are focused on the discovery, development & commercialization of innovative therapies intended to improve outcomes in patients sufferings.
Research & Gap Study
Development Phase
Evidence Based Results

We will Help You To Live Healthy Life

Our innovations brings a robust portfolio of investigational therapies and pioneering treatments for most critical global health issues.

We are humanitarians, motivators, and entrepreneurs

Our solutions are designed to work with you

Traditional methods of doing treatment change almost daily

We have a dedicated & advance team of researchers

We Support Women Empowerment

WomEm is a special initiative of ALDAN with dedicated focus in Infertility management and wellbeing of women. Our WomEm initiative helps us to commit our resources with research focusing on finding innovative solutions to major public health challenges like female & male infertility, Anovulation, PCOS, etc.


The term “WomEm” rhyming with word women is not just a mere coining, but signifies that women empowerment is at the heart and soul of womanhood.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


Pregnancy Problems


Urinary Tract Infection


Post Menopausal Osteoporosis


Leucorrhoea Treatment


Infertility Treatment

We Deliver Revolutionary Healthcare with Care

#Say No to Steroids

Say no to steroids in chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema, and use of Nigella Sativa Extract.

#Use of Probiotics

Use of probiotics to fight global antibiotic resistance - for conditions like UTI and leucorrhea

#Treatment using flavonoids

We are experimenting with non-hormonal treatment using flavonoids for bone health.

#Collagen for Skin Care

We are promoting the use of collagen being the gold standard in cosmetology for daily skincare.

5 years of aldan healthcare