Gynaecology Pharma Company In India | Derma Pharma Company India
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work

Our Mission Statement


Our mission is to deliver health & improved lifestyle to mankind through our plethora of unique and exclusive formulations, and to emerge as one of the leading pharmaceutical organizations in India, which aims to provide healthcare with care, with a focus on improving patient care and meeting the needs of medical fraternity. We plan to market innovations pan India by year 2020 to serve the ever growing healthcare demands.

Our Vision


To have an international presence in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fraternity, and be recognized as one of the fastest growing specialty-focused healthcare corporations globally, which is adaptive to the modern approaches and understands the demands from all the stakeholders in the community.

Our Corporate Aim

We aspire to manufacture world-class pharmaceutical formulations by investing in continuous improvement
We wish to assure commitment to safety by building quality at each and every level
We wish to be amidst “partners in progress” by ensuring internal as well as external stakeholders’ involvement
We wish to exhibit complete corporate social responsibility towards society by satisfying needs and expectations of all our stakeholders

Our Corporate DNA

Corporate DNA signifies an organization’s culture, strategy and an overall sense of purpose that binds it together. Culture is what people do when no one is looking.”
At Aldan Healthcare, our corporate DNA is rooted in innovation (in ideas), quality (in offerings), partnerships (with stakeholders), and responsibility (towards society).

Team of Experts

Team Aldan comprises of its employees, corporate advisors, business partners, social partners, medical practitioners, patients, marketing experts, technical experts, and the medical fraternity at large.
Our definition of team is ‘Aldan’ and ‘You’. Our motto is equal care for our employees as well as the masses.

We know the significance of human assets as well as teamwork, and any asset that possesses team-spirit will have longevity in the organization.

Our Brand, Identity & Logo Explained

The Aldan logo is a very unique illustration of the company’s slogan, “healthcare with care”.


The logo is designed to show two nurturing hands of the company, just as that of a mother figure.


The three inner waves depict the three pillar values of the company on which it stands, viz. community, commitment, and care.

The slogan “healthcare with care” is an elementary ideology that delivers a promise that our community will usher in the new era of focused and committed healthcare with utmost care on needs of all stakeholders of the community, whether it be quality, efficacy, social responsibility, or corporate citizenship.

‘Aldan’ is a feeling of care, joy, commitment, and wellness.


The word, ‘Aldan’ signifies endowment and abundance in lifestyle and well-being.


It is an ideology that empowers an ideal future of a modern and healthy life for all mankind.

Our Divisions


WomEm is a special initiative of ALDAN with dedicated focus in Infertility management and wellbeing of women. Our WomEm initiative helps us to commit our resources with research focusing on finding innovative solutions to major public health challenges like female & male infertility.


ALDERMA is the dermatology division of Aldan HealthCare with dedicated focus in the management of skin disorders and cosmetological applications. Our Alderma division allows us to commit our resources with research focusing on finding novel and innovative skin solutions to permanent disorders.


Research & Development

Our team members strategize sincerely to identify the most challenging medical requirements (associated with Gynae & Derma) and then match them with the best solution for good health.

We do this via manufacturing medicines for patients worldwide with a focus on quality & global regulatory needs.

Our goal is to be a leading global healthcare medicines provider, via offering products that are safe as well as cost-effective.



We, being one of the oldest & finest players in the pharmaceutical sector, have collaborated with many top ranking pharmaceutical companies in India.

We know, excellence in manufacturing is crucial. This is the reason, work with the most stringent quality standards across the globe to produce several dosage forms.



Quality medicine is acquired via manufacturing pharmaceutical products, which ensures a safe & healthy living with constant safety surveillance, assuring millions of patients to avail the best quality product. 

At Aldan, we assure stringent quality checks. This quality check is a concept, covering all the measures taken, including the specifications setting, sampling & analytical clearance.

Our Journey



In December, ALDAN was incorporated with the idea to serve the wellbeing of the new-age woman.


WOMEM Launched

In April, WOMEM (gynaecology division of ALDAN) was launched with brands to cater to women’s health. Domestic marketing primarily started in East India

Utilac - UTI treatment in India


UTILAC Launched

In April, UTILAC was launched, an 1st time in India probiotics brand for treatment of UTI/rUTI. #probioticsoverantibiotics #fightantibioticresistance




In November, participation in BOGSCON conference was done.

myolife-plus - PCOS Treatment in India


Myolife Plus Launched

In April, Myolife Plus was launched, a unique composition helping women fight PCOS with unique ingredients.

lacoria - Leucorrhea Treatment in India


LACORIA Launched

In April, LACORIA was launched, a probiotics brand launched specifically for Indian women for treatment of leucorrhoea/bacterial vaginosis.




In June, participation in GFMCON conference was done.



In July, OSTEOFEM was launched, an 1st time in India brand for treatment of osteoporosis/PMO. #flavonoidsforbone




In December, participation in BOGSCON conference was done.




In April, participation in Ranchi Obs-Gyn conference was done.


Nigella Based Brands Launched

In May, all nigella based brands such as ECZELA, NYGELIS and MELACYN were launched, all 1st time in India brands catering to chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and Vitiligo respectively.



SOMOIST Launched

In June, SOMOIST, India’s 1st native novel composition based on collagen moisturization was launched with benefits of SPF-30 for use as a daily sunscreen cum moisturizer, which works in all seasons and for all face types.




In August, participation was done in pan-India dermatology conference event MID DERMACON

Online Presence


Online Presence

In October, company has established its online presence in social media as well as online marketplace to cater to the needs of the medical fraternity pan-India

Aldan Care Logo Square JPG (200)


Introducing Brands

ALDAN plans to introduce innovative and revolutionary brands in the coming year to cater to the women’s well-being.

5 years of aldan healthcare