Vitiligo vs Hypopigmentation [Can Vitiligo Appear Overnight ]
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Vitiligo vs. Hypopigmentation [Detailed Analysis]

vitiligo vs hypopigmentation

Vitiligo vs. Hypopigmentation [Detailed Analysis]

The blog is mainly about Vitiligo vs Hypopigmentation… So, read it thoroughly to have in-depth info about these two skin disorders…

Many of us might have noticed the areas of white patches present in some people. It’s a disease not many people know about. So, hey readers, today we will be talking about this disease called Vitiligo, its symptoms, and treatment.

Vitiligo is a rare medical condition whereby the skin loses its color. This generally occurs when the skin cells which produce the pigment, die or do not function properly. This has become quite common now in our country as almost 1 million cases are seen each year.

The loss of skin color can happen in any part of the body. Premature whitening of hair is another symptom of Vitiligo. It is most noticeable in darker skin shades. However, not all the white spots are Vitiligo? It’s really essential to know which Vitiligo white spots are and which non-Vitiligo white spots are. It’s mostly the patterns and the size which determines the Vitiligo and the non-Vitiligo white spots.

Vitiligo can be treated and cured easily nowadays. There are many Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies that have brought in many solutions.

There are other skin diseases as well which have similar symptoms as that of Vitiligo. One of those diseases is hypopigmentation. It’s very important to know the basic differences between these two diseases. Nonetheless, we can know about it easily by doing a Vitiligo vs. Hypopigmentation analysis.


It’s really difficult to differentiate between the diseases as they show almost similar symptoms. It’s really important to consult a dermatologist as both diseases can only be differentiated on a pathological basis; the focal thickening of the membrane, melanocytes totally absent, sparse lymphocytes in dermal papillae, this is frequently seen in Vitiligo whereas in hypopigmentation it’s less or vice versa.


Now let us consider another disease, pityriasis alba vs Vitiligo. Here the spots can be well differentiated as the patches in pityriasis alba are not fully depigmented as in the case of Vitiligo. However, the reason being, the small and reduced activities of the melanocytes and in Vitiligo, no activities at all.


It’s a form of Vitiligo which can be considered by characterizing, distal digits and in macules, anogenital areas. It mostly affects the face hands and feet.


Vitiligo in babies is an autoimmune disease. It happens when the body produces antibodies that attack its own tissues. So it’s really important so that the children should know how to differentiate in other patches and between Vitiligo patches.


It is one of the most common concerns of many Vitiligo patients, as Vitiligo generally happens in the arms, face, and lip areas. Nowadays Vitiligo in lips is treated by tattooing pigments into the lip skin.


No Vitiligo is never an overnight phenomenon. However, it can start at any age and begins quite slowly, and spread over the entire body symmetrically.


Since Vitiligo is a common skin condition these days…. So obviously there is a wide availability of Vitiligo Treatment Creams in India. Nonetheless, the proven best amongst all is Melacyn… by Aldan HealthCare (One of the Best Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies in India).

Available in two forms… GEL CREAM & TABLET… Melanin is a derma solution, to assist in Vitiligo treatment.

Melacyn is basically a natural based skincare formula with Nigella Sativa Extract (which is considered a miracle extract with immense benefits in dermatology).

Melacyn helps fight melanocyte deconstruction. It protects keratinocytes from damage and reveals repigmentation.

Moreover, it helps to modulate immunity in regard to both non-specific cellular and humoral immune responses.

Melacyn is the best Vitiligo Treatment Cream in India.

Directions for Use


1 Tablet once a day, or as directed by the physician.

Gel Cream:

Apply a thin layer of it onto the affected area twice a day.

OK…. So here blog on Vitiligo vs Hypopigmentation ends up finally… Hopefully, it was informative for you… The same sort of blog we will update in the future… So, stay tuned…

And yes…. In case of any query or suggestions, kindly feel free to share in the comment box below…


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