Is Vitiligo an Autoimmune Disease? Know Here...
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Treatment for Vitiligo, an Autoimmune Disease

Is Vitiligo an Autoimmune Disease

Treatment for Vitiligo, an Autoimmune Disease

There are many skin disorders that are still not identified. But, there are the ones that are identified as well as found their way to the treatment. One of them is Vitiligo, a mere skin disorder with patches of discoloration of the skin all over the body.

This skin disorder causes to form white patches in different areas of the body. Moreover, it starts to develop at the age of 10 to 30 years. This proves that vitiligo in children is very common. Nevertheless, there can be some rare cases where the person is born with this kind of disorder.

But, how is it caused? Is vitiligo an autoimmune disease? Is vitiligo hereditary? These are some questions that one might have while facing vitiligo.

Therefore, this particular blog concerns about some of these questions. This will help in understanding more about the disease and helps in the treatment at the same time.

Is Vitiligo an Autoimmune Disease?

The causes of vitiligo might be few, but one of the main ones is the immunity system. The melanocytes are the reasons to provide skin color in the body. Due to certain reasons, the production of melanin in the body slows down. Due to this small white patches start to appear in a different area. Moreover, these patches start to expand or spread in size with time.

Therefore, is vitiligo an autoimmune disease? Yes, this is one of the causes of vitiligo that has a major effect on skin discoloration.

Other reasons that can also affect skin discoloration are-

  • Family history or hereditary reasons
  • A trigger event (abuse, traumatic incident, stress, etc.)

Some of the early symptoms one can face are premature whitening of hair, loss of color of skin that lies inside the mouth and nose.

One can also look for vitiligo initial stage pictures to get a clear picture of what the early symptoms can look like.

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Types of Vitiligo

As one of the reasons for vitiligo is improper functioning of the autoimmune system, it can be divided into different categories. Vitiligo can be divided based on the area where it is caused. According to that-

  • Generalized vitiligo, where the skin patches can be found all over the body.
  • Segmental vitiligo, where the patches can be found only at a specific area in the body.
  • Focal vitiligo, where the skin patches are found in specific are and does not spread.
  • Trichrome vitiligo, which shows three different stages of discoloration in a specific area.
  • Universal vitiligo, a rare one where 80% of the body skin is discolored.

One can identify the symptoms of vitiligo through naked eyes. But, for a better diagnosis, the doctor recommends another test like a skin biopsy and a Wood lamp test.

Are Vitiligo and Thyroid connected?

If you want to know whether vitiligo and thyroid are connected or not, then you are in right place. They are connected through the autoimmune system in the body.

In vitiligo, the body creates a specific type of cell that starts to act as antibodies to attack the melanocytes in the body. Thus, along with this, a person might come across a specific type of disease called autoimmune thyroid disease. Here, the same antibodies attack the thyroid gland.

Thus, people who suffer from vitiligo generally suffer from the AITD. Therefore, to understand Is vitiligo an autoimmune disease, one must definitely know the treatment for the same.

How to Prevent Vitiligo?

One cannot prevent vitiligo from coming, but one can go through different vitiligo treatment. One can go from different steps like-

  • Eating papaya daily
  • Drinking water from a copper vessel
  • Application of good sunscreen
  • Application of basil leaf paste
  • Diet rich in vitamin C and zinc
  • Application of mustard oil and turmeric powder over the affected area

Nevertheless, there are many artificial treatments for Vitiligo that can help in providing good effects for the same.

Melacyn- Best Treatment to Treat Vitiligo

One of the artificial vitiligo treatments is Melacyn, a miracle extract by one of the Top Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies in India, Aldan HealthCare. It is a 100% natural formula made from the natural extract of all its ingredients.

It helps patches to spread in size as well as helps in the production of more melanin in the body. Most importantly, it is available in both gel as well as tablet form. The user can buy any one of them as per the preference.

Therefore, this blog has totally made you understand whether or not is vitiligo an autoimmune disease or not.

For any further question, do write your queries in the comment section.

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