How Vitiligo Starts [What Causes Vitiligo & How to Prevent Vitiligo]
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An overview on How to Tackle with Spreading of Vitiligo

How Vitiligo Starts

An overview on How to Tackle with Spreading of Vitiligo

When the melanin production in your skin decreases, you might suffer various changes in your body like a change of skin colour, hair colour and some hormonal changes. One such skin disorder we are going to get to know in this article is vitiligo and how vitiligo starts.

Thus, this skin disorder makes your skin white in patches all over your body. Other than skin, your hair might start to turn white or grey as well. So, here we will tell you in brief about causes, symptoms and some easy treatment to cure vitiligo.

Types of Vitiligo

There can be different features that can make vitiligo different in different people. They are-

  • Generalized, is one type where macules (smooth white patches) appear at various places in the body
  • Mucosal, where it affects the mucous membrane of mouth/genitals
  • Trichome, which has several patterns of white patches and skin colour in a particular body area
  • Segmental, where one of either side of body/area is only affected
  • Focal vitiligo, most rare type where macules spread in a small area
  • Universal, another rare type of vitiligo where 80% of your body lack melanin and macules all over your body


What Causes Vitiligo?

There is no clarity on the main causes of vitiligo. But, these might be some of the reasons-

  • Genetic- this factor may increase the chances of getting vitiligo. About 30% of chances are through families.
  • Self-destruction- a defect in the melanocytes in the body might make them too self destruct position
  • Autoimmune disorder- the immune system sometimes might produce antibodies which can destroy body melanocytes.
  • Neurogenic factors- the nerve ending sometimes spill out the certain substance which can kill melanocytes in the body


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Thus, let’s know the symptoms what these factors can cause.

Vitiligo Symptoms

There are some signs which we can see in vitiligo affected patients. They are-

  • Patches of skin lose colour. They can include any part of your body like nose or mouth.
  • Patches of your hair on face or hands turn grey/white

Thus, this is some of the facts as to how vitiligo starts. Thus, now we are going to discuss some FAQs related to vitiligo. This might help you solve some of your doubts.

Does Vitiligo Spread?

Vitiligo produces white patches all over your body due to certain causes mentioned above. These patches do have the tendency to spread from one area to other.

Small patches like near the eyes or genitals might change their place due to changes in skin production of melanocytes. On the other hand, big patches tend to spread in size and not their location. They turn into bigger or smaller patches.

Above all, vitiligo varies according to the amount of skin affected. Some of them might suffer some depigmented area and some might face a widespread area of the colour of skin.

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How to Prevent Vitiligo?

You might have several people saying that ‘my vitiligo went away with certain treatments that I applied’ and you might find yourself in curiosity. Thus, to remove your curiosity, we are here to guide you on different treatment you can rely on.

Vitiligo treatments include some natural as well as some artificial ways. In the case of natural ways, you have to keep your diet filled with foods which are rich in Vitamins C and antioxidants. You can add different vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc and avoid grains, oily food, etc.

When talking about the medical treatment you can totally rely on pills and tablets. But, the best product that been found by one of the most reputed dermatological company is Melacyn.

Aldan HealthCare, one of the Top dermatology pharmaceutical companies in India develop this particular derma solution for the treatment for Vitiligo. It is available in the form of a gel as well as a tablet at a very affordable price.

It contains Nigella extract which soothes the area affected and also prevent the destruction of melanocytes. Above all, it helps in providing an antioxidant action which helps in preventing oxidative stress.

So, overall Melacyn by Aldan HealthCare is the best vitiligo treatment cream in India.

Here the blog on How Vitiligo Starts ends up finally Hopefully you enjoy reading it and gained the information you were looking for.

Nonetheless, if still any query existing, kindly feel free to discuss in the comment section below…


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