How Psoriasis Affects Mental Health- Relation Mental Health & Psoriasis
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How Psoriasis Affects Mental Health?

how psoriasis affects mental health

How Psoriasis Affects Mental Health?

Psoriasis is a long-term skin inflammatory skin disorder that is often coupled with depression, anxiety, and even bipolar disease, schizophrenia, and dementia as per studies. It is obvious to question how Psoriasis affects mental health when we see anxiety, depression, etc. co-existing with Psoriasis.

Let us know,

Can Psoriasis Affect the Brain?

Our immune cells release substances called cytokines if we suffer from Psoriasis. These lead to excess growth of skin cells and form scaly plaques.

They also change levels of chemicals in our brain that affect our mood. A cytokine called TNF-alpha may affect brain chemicals like serotonin in a way that could lead to anxiety and depression.

This is How Psoriasis Affects Mental Health.

Mental Health and Psoriasis

Studies link Psoriasis with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and dementia. Even Psoriasis and Bipolar disorder are linked.

Further, Danish Researchers gathered data of more than 13,600 men and women with Psoriasis. Over years of follow-up, it was found that 2.6% of the people developed mental problems while the number rose to 5% high with 10 years of follow-up.

Moreover, Korean studies show that the risk for anxiety, phantom medical problems, and neurotic disorders and sleep problems was doubled and tripled among psoriasis sufferers compared to those without the disease. Actually, 12,700 Psoriasis patients’ data formed the basis of the study.

However, neither of the studies concluded evidently with the point that one causes the other or one is associated with the other. The studies only establish a link between the two. How Psoriasis Affects Mental Health still remains a topic of research.

Psoriasis Causes

Though, there is not any definite cause that can be made responsible for Psoriasis.

Yet, the common causes of Psoriasis list as:

  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Runs in families
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Strep Throat
  • Viral Infection
  • Lack of Sunlight
  • Certain medications

People often ask about Psoriasis Emotional Causes but there are hardly any emotional causes of Psoriasis as such. But, Psychological stress is thought to be one of the causes of Psoriasis that has an emotional background.

With Psoriasis, people develop a variety of psychosocial symptoms that includes: Feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, or helplessness. Poor self-esteem and low self-worth often lead to social isolation.

More to add, sexual dysfunction is one of the major Psychological Effects of Psoriasis on a Woman, due to self-consciousness or painful lesions.

This could be the answer to How Psoriasis Affects the Mental Health of women.

Psoriasis strikes both males and females at any phase of life (childhood to old age).

However, many people ask-

Does Psoriasis Get Worse With Age?

No, Psoriasis doesn’t get worse with age. Psoriasis may get better or worse depending upon environmental factors.

It is necessary to determine Psoriasis in its early stage to avoid worsening of the condition. Symptoms vary from person to person according to the type of hit. Common Symptoms include:

  • Red, raised, inflamed patches of skin
  • Silvery Scales and reddishness of skin
  • Dry skin prone to bleeding
  • Soreness around patches
  • Itching and burning sensations
  • Thick, pitted nails
  • Painful, swollen joints

Psoriasis hit most of the people aged 15-35. But, it can hit at any age.

Some people tend to ask, Can You Develop Psoriasis Later in Life? The answer is yes. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms as stated above, you must consult a health professional.

Psoriasis Treatment

The treatments of Psoriasis include:

  • Topical Therapy
  • Phototherapy
  • Systemic Therapy
  • Further, Oral Medications.
  • Biologics via injection or intravenous infusion
  • Skin-care products by Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies

However, the clinical and surgical treatments for Psoriasis bring a number of side effects with them. Side effects include blood cancer, skin cancer, lung disorders, and cardiovascular diseases, etc.

So, most people avoid going for any clinical or surgical methods and prefer to go for skincare solutions or derma pharma products as they don’t come with any side effects.

If you want to treat your Psoriasis without any side-effect on your health, you must go with Nygelis the best Psoriasis Cream in India. Let us see why Nygelis, a skincare product by Aldan Health Care- one of the best Derma Pharma Company in India is listed as the best derma pharma product:

  • Firstly, 100% natural skincare formula
  • Secondly, soothes rashes, patches, and itchy skin
  • Most importantly, available as per the convenience, both in gel and tablet form

Key Ingredients:

  • Nigella Sativa Extract 500mg (100% Natural)

Moreover, Nygelis is available both in gel and tablet form.


  • Tablets- 1 tablet thrice a day.
  • Gel – Apply a coating to the affected area twice a day.

In conclusion, Nygelis by Aldan Health Care is the best Psoriasis Treatment Cream in India.

Lastly, we hope this blog answered all your queries How Psoriasis Affects Mental Health, Can Psoriasis Affect the Brain? Psoriasis Emotional Causes Mental Health, and Psoriasis Cream India, etc.

Post your further queries in the comment section box.


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