Harmful Effects of Irregular Periods (Causes, Symptoms & Treatment)
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Harmful Effects of Irregular Periods (Causes, Symptoms & Treatment)

Harmful Effects of Irregular Periods

Harmful Effects of Irregular Periods (Causes, Symptoms & Treatment)

Here detailed info on harmful effects of irregular periods have been briefed. So, give a deep glance, if suffering of such issues

Most girls get their first period at the age of 10 to 15 having a normal menstrual cycle of 28 days.

However, for some women, the time between periods and the amount of bloodshed differ considerably. When the length of the cycle is more than 35 days, or if the duration varies, it causes irregular menstruation.

Due to irregular periods, a woman may bleed more than one time in a month or during the whole month. Heavy blood flow during the menstrual cycle is a very common symptom of irregular periods.


Irregular Periods Reasons

Irregular periods can occur if there is a change in the hormonal level of estrogen and progesterone in the body. Moreover change in the contraception method and endurance exercises are also big causes reasonable behind irregular periods. It is very common, especially in the girl’s first few years of getting periods.

Harmful effects of irregular periods on the body can be worse.

Heavy or irregular periods can be due to a variety of other factors as well:

  1. Using an intrauterine device(IUD) for preventing pregnancy
  2. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  3. Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  4. Stress and fatigue
  5. Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  6. Uterine cancer or cervical cancer
  7. Taking birth control pills



Irregular Periods Symptoms

The main symptom of irregular menstruation is when the cycle varies in length, longer than 35 days.

Signs that menstrual flow may be abnormal includes:

  1. soaking through more than one tampon or sanitary pad in an hour for several hours in a day
  2. waking up during the night because of the urge to change protection
  3. passing of large blood clots in menstrual flow
  4. experiencing a heavy menstrual flow that lasts more than a week
  5. unusual discharge of fever, spotting between periods and severe pain during periods


Effects of irregular periods on body or Harmful Effects of Irregular Periods

irregular periods reasons

The severity and duration of menstrual bleeding vary from woman to woman.

Some of the harmful effects of irregular periods on the body are:

  1. It causes heavy blood flow which results in anemia and cramps.
  2. PCOS, the most common reason for irregular periods can cause serious long-term problems such as diabetes and heart diseases.
  3. It also results in increased male hormones which can cause hair growth on the face, lower abdomen, and chin and can even lead to male pattern baldness.
  4. Irregular periods result in oily skin, acne, and mental stress as well
  5. Irregular period leads to infertility in women, pregnancy-related problems and miscarriages.


However, many Gynecology Pharmaceutical Companies have come up with medications to control the hormonal imbalance that causes infertility. Or harmful effects of irregular periods on body.

Since infertility is a complex disorder, its treatment involves significant financial, physical, psychological and time commitments.

Some of the Infertility Products Manufacturer in India are manufacturing Fertility solutions to regulate and stimulate ovulation.

Myolife plus is one of them. This helps in regulating the hormonal balance in PCOS patients. We will discuss about Myolife plus in the next section.


Irregular Periods Treatment

Treatments for menstrual irregularities often vary based on certain lifestyle factors, such as whether a woman is planning to get pregnant as well as the type of irregularities.


Irregular periods home remedy:

There are some remedies one can try at home to get their cycle back on track

  • By practicing yoga
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Exercising regularly
  • Taking vitamin supplements
  • Eating pineapple, ginger juice and, cinnamon


Irregular Periods Treatment for Unmarried:

Harmful effects of irregular periods are absolutely disastrous.

Treatment, if needed, will depend on the cause.

  • Puberty: Irregular periods that occur during puberty do not usually need treatment.
  • PCOS and obesity: In the case of PCOS, overweight, or obesity losing weight may help stabilize menstruation.
  • Thyroid problems: Thyroid treatments include medication, radioactive iodine therapy or surgery.
  • Stress and eating disorders: Psychological therapy, relaxation techniques, stress management can help in tackling this issue.
  • Birth control: If irregular bleeding is due to contraception then women should consult their doctor for other options


Irregular period medicines name:

Myolife Plus, as discussed earlier is a product marketed by Aldan HealthCare, one of the Top Gynaecology Pharmaceutical Companies in India, helps in regulating the symptoms of PCOS. These option is best for the treatment of infertility and to ensure normal ovarian functions in PCOS patients.

Apart from infertility, these can also be used for treating gestational diabetes, endometrial cancer, and other related issues.


Irregular Periods and Pregnancy

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is the main cause of irregular periods and infertility. It is a hormonal disorder associated with an imbalance in female sex hormones.  This imbalance prevents the development and release of mature eggs. Without a mature egg, neither ovulation nor pregnancy can occur.

In order to prevent infertility, it is important to first treat PCOS. Its treatment usually includes some lifestyle changes like exercise and weight loss.

However, many Top Gynaecology Pharmaceutical Brands have manufactured products dealing with this problem.

Aldan HealthCare, a Gynaecology Pharma Company in India is one of them.

We Aldan HealthCare has been serving the best medications for PCOD and infertility problems to our customers for the past 6 years. Our main aim is to provide Aldan HealthCare with care.

We are one of the top Infertility Products Manufacturers in India offering a wide range of product which is dedicated in providing high quality, branded and generic products to the customers.

OK… so finally this was all about harmful effects of irregular periods on body and its proper treatment.

Hopefully you find the information relevant to you. In future, will be sharing same sort of informational blogs.

Till then, stay tuned with us.

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