Exercises for Osteoporosis (Free Weight and Weight-Bearing Exercises)
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Exercises for Osteoporosis (Free Weight, Weight-Bearing & Theraband Exercises)

exercises for osteoporosis

Exercises for Osteoporosis (Free Weight, Weight-Bearing & Theraband Exercises)

Osteoporosis is a major cause of disability in “Older Women” (especially postmenopausal women). A bone-weakening disorder, osteoporosis often results in fractures in the hip and spine — which can severely impair mobility and independence.

But, how can you reduce your risk of these life-altering injuries?

The answer is simple, EXERCISE……

Exercise can also slow the rate of bone loss, which reduces the risk of fractures from osteoporosis. It also brings other benefits to people (especially women) who have osteoporosis or want to prevent osteoporosis.

In addition to that, practicing Certain types of exercises for Osteoporosis not only helps in strengthening muscles and bones. But it also reduces the need for some medications marketed by Gynaecology Pharma Company in India, which can contribute to the risk of falls, and better management of other health problems


Best Exercises for Osteoporosis

It’s never too late to start exercising. For postmenopausal women, regular physical activity can:

  • Increase your muscle strength
  • Improve your balance
  • Decrease your risk of bone fracture
  • Maintain or improve your posture
  • Relieve or decrease pain


Exercising if one has osteoporosis means finding the safest, most enjoyable activities for you given your overall health and amount of bone loss.

But before beginning any exercise program, it’s important to get your doctor’s approval first. Your doctor will be able to help point you to what exercises are best for you depending on your condition, your age, and other physical constraints. This is because while most types of exercise are good for you, not all types are good for healthy bones.

Therefore, it’s important to consult a doctor first before beginning with any exercise program. Although, through this blog, we have tried to give you a little glimpse of what all exercise is good for you and what exercises you must avoid if you have osteoporosis.

So, let’s start with Exercises for Osteoporosis to follow:


Weight-Bearing Exercises for Osteoporosis

These exercises include activities that make you move against gravity while staying upright. Weight-Bearing Exercises can be of high impact or low-impact.

High-impact Weight-Bearing Exercises are generally good for bone strengthening but if one has osteoporosis then they should avoid these exercises as they can do further damage. Instead, they can practice Low-impact exercises as they are quite safe as compared to High-impact ones.

Low-impact Weight-Bearing Exercises can also help keep bones strong and are a safe alternative if one cannot do high-impact exercises. Here are some examples of low-impact Some of the Weight-Bearing Exercises to Do at Home:

  • Fast walking on a treadmill or outside
  • Using stair-step machines
  • Using elliptical training machines
  • Doing low-impact aerobics


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Muscle-Strengthening Exercises for Osteoporosis

These exercises include activities where one moves their body, a weight, or some other resistance against gravity. They are also known as resistance exercises or Theraband Exercise.

Some examples of Theraband Exercises for Osteoporosis include:

  • Lifting weights
  • Using elastic exercise bands
  • Using weight machines
  • Lifting your own body weight
  • Functional movements, such as standing and rising up on your toes


Furthermore, Yoga and Pilates also improve strength, balance, and flexibility of bones and muscles and is the Best Exercises for Osteoporosis of The Hip. However, certain positions may not be safe for people having osteoporosis or those at an increased risk of broken bones.

For example, Weight-Bearing Exercises for Osteoporosis of The Spine in which you have to bend forward may increase the chance of breaking a bone in the spine. A physical therapist should be able to help you learn which exercises are safe and appropriate for you.


Stability and Balance Exercises for Osteoporosis

Fall prevention is important for people with osteoporosis. Therefore, Stability and Balance Exercises help muscles to work together in a way that keeps you more stable and less likely to fall.

Simple or Free Weight Exercises for Osteoporosis such as standing on one leg or movement-based exercises such as tai chi can improve your stability and balance.


What Exercises Should Be Avoided with Osteoporosis

As important as it is to know what exercises can help you, it’s just as important to know which you shouldn’t do.

Therefore, people with osteoporosis or low bone density should avoid movements and exercises with flexion and the combination of flexion and rotation. Many of the osteoporosis exercises to avoid, covered in this blog, encourage either flexion or rotation.

These includes:

  • Crunches
  • Chest Fly
  • Chest Press
  • Knee Extensions
  • Lat Pulldown (behind the head)
  • Seated Rows
  • Toe Touch with a Twist (Rotation)
  • Hamstring Stretches
  • Back Stretches
  • Cardiovascular Exercises that encourage flexion


Unfortunately, many fitness professionals do not know how to modify exercise programs for people with osteoporosis. Thus, it is up to you to take care of your bone health and either avoid the exercise or ask your Personal Trainer to make appropriate modifications.


The Bottom Line

The main goal of the treatment of osteoporosis is the prevention of bone fracture by reducing bone loss, by increasing bone density and strength. Therefore, not only Exercises for Osteoporosis but including specific Diet in daily life along with some lifestyle changes can also strengthen the bones and helps the body to fight inflammation and disease.

In addition to that, certain medications can also help to increase bone strength and mass. One of the best products for increasing bone density available for Osteoporosis Treatment in India is “Flavoden”. It is completely safe to use and does not have any side effects unlike other treatments such as alendronates available in the market.

Marketed by Aldan Healthcare, a Top Gynaecology Pharmaceutical Brands, Flavoden is considered as the Best Osteoporosis Medicine in India. It’s actually a flavonoid based on non-hormonal supplement designed to improve bone density.

It has been made equipped with plant-based polyphenols, effective in increasing bone formation, decreasing bone resorption, and augmenting bone strength.

Other Components of Flavoden include:

  • Dihydro Quercetin – 500 mg
  • Pycnogenol – 100 mg
  • Calcitriol – 0.25mcg
  • Calcium carbonate – 500 mg


Note: this product is available in tablet form in the pack of 3 alu-alu strips of 10 tablets each at an affordable price.

Now Women can say yes to menopause with open arms and need not worry about bone weakness/other bone conditions which result after menopause. They can start prevention at an early stage during the pre-menopausal period and continue with FLAVODEN continuously and live their life freely.

So, we hope that you have understood the importance of exercises for osteoporosis and what all exercises you should practice and avoid. So, here we will put an end to this blog.

If you have any queries regarding this blog, then you can ask us through the comment section box below.

Till then, Stay Tuned as we will be back with more such beneficial blogs………….

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