COVID Vaccination And Vitiligo: Worries And Queries
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COVID Vaccination And Vitiligo: Worries And Queries

COVID Vaccination And Vitiligo

COVID Vaccination And Vitiligo: Worries And Queries

If you escaped (still escaping) COVID-19, congratulations!! If you survived covid, hail hero! Now, if you have Vitiligo and fear of covid infections, count on us! Because this blog is exactly for you. Nevertheless, COVID vaccination and Vitiligo have become a topic of major discussion since last year.

Hence, through this blog, we have closely catered to all such naturally arising questions and other doubts, related to COVID vaccination and Vitiligo. 

Moreover, we’ll also talk about how top dermatology pharmaceuticals brands intensively curate effective dermal solution creams for Vitiligo.

Firstly, let’s recapitulate the basic knowledge of Vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a chronic dermal- disorder that causes the loss of skin color in speckles. So, what causes this disorder?

What Causes Vitiligo?

A natural pigment called the ‘melanin’, which determines the color of our skin is produced by a cell called melanocytes. The bogged growth of these cells or rapid decay causes Vitiligo.

Apart from this, other reasons include:

  • Genes
  • A traumatizing event of the past, casting long-term stress
  • Chemical contact

We have top dermatology pharmaceutical companies in India, manufacturing different cream solutions for different types of Vitiligo. One such cream is Melacyn. We’ll discuss this cream in detail in the latter part of this blog.

Moving forward first let’s discuss if COVID vaccination can have effects on those with Vitiligo.

Effects Of Corona Vaccine On Vitiligo 

Two questions about Vitiligo that prevailed during the onset of the pandemic:

  1. Can Vitiligo increase the risk of getting infected with COVID?
  2. Can Vitiligo make the COVID symptoms get worse?

These two questions might have intruded on your daily schedules or chores. Certainly, it’s a matter of concern.

However, the worries and queries do not halt here. With COVID vaccine availability, people with Vitiligo are continuously wondering will it be safe for them to get vaccinated.

Hence to get informed over the same, keep reading…

Well, medical science has not yet stamped stating whether or not getting COVID vaccination can affect people with Vitiligo.

However, some basic signs do indicate the chance of any effects of the vaccine on Vitiligo patients is minimal.

Talking about the treatment, topical and light therapies happens only over your skin.

Therefore, there is no such risk as why should it affect your potential to fight off the COVID infections.

However, steroids that are to be taken orally might affect the ability to cope with infections. Nevertheless, the risk is negligible as people take the minimum dose of the same.

Now, that we almost are informed about COVID vaccination and Vitiligo, let’s dive a little deeper to know more.

COVID Vaccination And Koebner Phenomenon: Let’s Go Deeper

As a Vitiligo patient, you might be getting second thoughts like Koebner Phenomenon, when thinking of getting vaccinated. Nonetheless, it’s a very common thought.

For those who don’t know about this phenomenon. Those with Vitiligo catch a blotch whenever getting injuries like, cut, burn, rash. This very occurrence of the spot is called the Koebner phenomenon.

Hence, the patients perceive that even a pinch of the vaccine’s syringe can lead to this phenomenon.

However, nothing to worry about. Why? Because this phenomenon occurs only if Vitiligo is active. And in most cases, the recovery is quite quick.

Therefore, no Kobebner phenomenon can be relatable to getting vaccinated.

However, before going for vaccination why don’t for a dermal solution that can minimize the spread of Vitiligo? Phytopharma product manufacturers in India are skilled in curating such solutions.

Thus, today we’ll be discussing one such cream for Vitiligo in India, Melacyn.

Melacyn: Vitiligo Best Cream In India

We have an ample of dermatology pharmaceutical companies, involved in manufacturing dermal solutions for Vitiligo.

However, not all dermatology product manufacturers in India serve patients with the best solution for Vitiligo.

Hence, let’s talk about the best of all cream for Vitiligo in India; Melacyn.

Curated under AldanHealthcare, it is the best Vitiligo treatment cream in India.

It comprises resveratrol, zinc oxide, Cucumis melo, Ginkgo Biloba, and other curative compounds which fight melanocyte deconstruction.

Hence, it helps in restoring keratinocytes and induces repigmentation. Moreover, the composition is natural, thereby 100% safe.

Besides, this Vitiligo best cream India comes in the form of tablets as well as in gel. Thereby making it the best cream for Vitiligo in India.

So this was all about COVID vaccination and Vitiligo or Coronavirus Vaccine and Vitiligo or Coronavirus (covid-19) and Vitiligo.

Let’s put all pieces together to give a final thought to this topic

Wrapping Up 

The risk associated with getting vaccinated is negligible than not getting the same, and facing severe REAL risks. And especially when there is a case of immunocompromisation.

We hope this blog was informative enough to explain COVID vaccination and Vitiligo. Now, we recommend you play your part by getting vaccinated when it’s your turn. Moreover, we recommend you the best dermal solution for Vitiligo; Melacyn, manufactured under a derma pharma company in India.


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